Now a days Real Estate has its own importance. Real estate includes landed property and such other possessions that are permanently and immovably attached to land like buildings.

Investment is the 'process of purchasing assets in order to make profits by either selling these assets at a later date or by deriving other benefits like rent or dividend from the possession of these assetsTherefore real estate investments involve acquisition ,holding and sale of rights in real property with the expectation of using cash outflows for the potential of future cash inflows, and hence, generating a favorable rate of return on that investment. Kerala Real Estate sector has witnessed high growth in recent times with rise in the demand for the office as well residential spaces.

Most of the people are confused about choosing the best real-estate firm to fulfill their wishes in the field of real-estate. At this point Parrot Realty will be the best choice for those people who are searching for a best choice in real-estate. Parrot realty is one of the most recognized sectors in Wayanad for the last 10years.

We stand for excellence and luxury in residential, commercial and agricultural properties. We were incorporated in 2009 with its focus on land buying, selling and renting. Today we have emerged as the undisputed leader in the real-estate sector in Wayanad on the back of our capabilities, innovative approach, adherence to highest standard of quality of properties, good customer service etc. We know that the real-estate sector seems to attract more Non-Resident Indian(NRI) investment both in the short term as well as the long term. Most of our clients belong to NRIs.

With ten years of wonderful experience in the real-estate sector we are going to develop our firm all over Kerala with advanced easily accessible websites, good properties, more advanced services.